We help people improve their lives by assisting in restoring brain balance and harmony.

We accomplish this through a specialized process called Neuroptimal® neurofeedback. This individually tailored process of balancing and harmonizing brainwaves is a specialized form of Neurofeedback which has assisted in improved brain function and relief for so many people around the world for a myriad of conditions including:


  • Addictions

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Brain Injury

  • Dementia

  • Depression

  • Lack of focus

  • Learning Disorders

  • Memory Problems

  • Pain Mitigation

  • Panic Attacks

  • Post Traumatic Stress

  • Sexual Function

  • Sleeping Difficulties

  • Sports Performance

  • Stress

  • And many, many more.

The human brain is the control center that regulates our bodies through our central nervous system. When the brain is functioning abnormally or is out of balance, we experience all kinds of symptoms. Brain balance and harmony is the first step to well-being. Balance in the brain is naturally followed by balance in the body.

Our specialized form of Neurofeedback, which is also sometimes called neurotherapy and/or EEG biofeedback, is a form of natural medicine or remedy where focus is centered on the fact that the body has a natural ability to heal and maintain itself.

More specifically, we place sensors onto the scalp using equipment known as an electroencephalograph device or EEG. The EEG sensors read the brainwave activity produced by the brain in real time and displays the brain activity for analysis. The brainwave activity is captured and interpreted in real time by a computer. The computer optimizes and provides feedback to the person in the form of pleasant sounds, hence the term neurofeedback. This gives the brain a whole new way of “seeing” exactly how it is functioning which is always the first step to finding a path to improvement. The brain actually learns or re-learns a healthier way of operating and the body naturally follows.

Our brains also have a natural ability to seek and maintain a stable, constant way of functioning which is a concept known as Homeostasis. Our brains are affected by what we experience whether positive or negative. When a trauma occurs in a person’s life, that person’s brain will seek homeostasis as it settles down and sometimes will find a less than optimal way of functioning and adopt it as normal. Neuroptimal® neurofeedback provides a way for the brain to find its optimal pattern of functioning as a basis for homeostasis. The brain will seek to maintain this improved way of operating as its normal, stable, condition just as it had maintained the less than ideal pattern of functioning.

The results from this Neuroptimal® neurofeedback is felt by the person in the body as the body responds to the improved functioning of the brain. This will obviously be unique for each person.

An analogy of this could be your brain as the wheels of a car. The car is like your body. The ride is like the quality of your life experience. The condition of the wheels affect how the car rides or if the car can even ride at all. When the wheels are out of balance and alignment, the car may ride very rough and be difficult to steer. On the other hand, when the wheels are properly balanced and aligned, the car is enabled to provide a smooth and fabulous ride.