About Your Brain

What Happens in My Brain?

Your brain naturally and constantly produces electromagnetic energy which can be captured and observed as brainwaves with EEG amplifiers and computers. A computer can then process the brainwave information and translate the brainwave activity into optimized patterns and translate the brainwave data into the form of sound. Based on what is needed to balance and harmonize your brain,  NeurOptimal® neurofeedback  highly encourages some brainwaves while discouraging others so the brain will begin to function differently. Ultimately, it encourages the brain to function in a more balanced and harmonized manner.
Brain activity is based on cells called neurons which interact and connect with each other forming groups or neural-networks. These neural-networks are activated based on stimuli.

Clients have often recognized benefits in the first one to three sessions, and may require 5 to 30 sessions to make the benefits permanent by creating new dominant neural-networks.